Your Favourite Rom-Com, And The Best Seat In The House

Your Favourite Rom-Com, And The Best Seat In The House

Switch to Airtel DTH, which offers the best dish TV in India, and enjoy a superb TV viewing experience like never before.

Of the simple delights in life, watching your favourite romantic comedy or TV show takes one of the top slots. A well-made romantic comedy gladdens your heart and lifts your spirit. It makes you believe in true love and soulmates. Most importantly, it puts a smile on your face.

But many factors conspire to ruin the experience for you. That persistently ringing doorbell. Your boss calling you about sitting in on an important conference call. Several pings and chats from friends. And most irritating of all, too many ads to interrupt the film and grainy images.

There is probably no way to deal with the other irritants, but there is certainly a good solution for the poor picture quality and several advertisements blocking the telecast. Just go with the best dish TV in India – Airtel Digital TV. With Airtel Digital TV HD, you will never again complain of hazy, undefined pictures. Plus, you don’t even need to be in the room to watch the film or TV show – just record it and play back at your leisure.

Why opt for Airtel Digital TV?

Apart from superior picture quality and sound, Airtel Digital TV brings you all the shows, news and sporting action you missed earlier in the week. Tagged as the ‘best dish TV in India’, It offers a bevy of free and paid channels that you can pick and choose as per your preferences. Besides, it has various monthly channel packs, and you can also upgrade from your current SD or HD plan to Airtel Digital TV HD quite easily.

It is a hybrid TV model, wherein a satellite dish TV has a built-in Google Chrome cast to source content from websites. It has an HD set top box that connects with the dish antenna and an in-built Internet connection.

The content is then streamed from other devices or cast from their screens. You can stream content from Netflix, Airtel Movies, Google Play Music and YouTube. Airtel Digital TV is great for gaming, and you can use it to pause your current programme if you need to work for a few minutes, or rewind or even record your favourite rom com if you’re not at home to watch it.

Why upgrade to Airtel Digital HD?

There are a number of reasons why Airtel Digital TV offers the best dish TV in India. You can consider an upgrade to Airtel Digital TV and experience the workings of the best dish TV in India through:

  • Three options in upgrade, with different channel options and affordable pricing.
  • Simple option to upgrade from SD to HD set top box.
  • Or simply give a missed call to 81304 81304 to initiate the upgrade process.
  • You can also upgrade by clicking this link to initiate the process.
  • Apart from DTH recharge, you can opt for the Infinity Pack, which gives you a range of HD and SD channels for 1 year at just Rs. 5,801!You also get a one-month subscription of interactive services for free, as well as three months’ free recording facility.

Are you switching over to Airtel Digital TV – do it today!

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