Cloud Based Anti Spam Solutions for All Businesses

Cloud Based Anti Spam Solutions for All Businesses

Spam is something we have all become accustomed to, yet we no longer have to spend valuable time every morning, deleting unwanted emails from our inboxes, as a cloud based application can create a barrier between your mail server and your inbox, effectively trapping anything that remotely looks like spam. This means that your valuable computing resources are no longer tied up, as the software is installed on the provider’s servers, and any suspicious email will be held in quarantine until you, the user, decide what you want to do with it.

Flexible Packages

If you talk to the UK’s leading developer, who happens to be Mailcleaner, they can offer you a package that suits your business, and whether you have one or one thousand inboxes to protect, this innovative company has all the answers. You can locate them easily with an online search, and within a few minutes, your company data can be protected, and you can rest assured that all incoming emails have been thoroughly screened before being allowed into your employees’ inboxes.

Harmful Viruses

These are typically disguised in spam emails as attachments, and should a user double click on an attachment that is a virus, it will instantly spring into action and infect your hard drive. Some malicious code is designed to permanently delete data, and often, the drive is rendered unusable after such a cyber-attack, or it might be designed to steal confidential client data, which could have disastrous consequences.

Easily Configured

Once you have decided you want total protection for all your email inboxes, the provider will reconfigure your Internet provider’s DNS, and once this has been done, all incoming email will be filtered by the software developer’s servers, thus giving you total protection. This easy to use system protects thousands of businesses around the world and with affordable packages that are tailored to your needs, you won’t be paying for something you never use. The software is installed in a matter of minutes and it will work silently in the background and will not use up your valuable IT resources.

Boost Productivity

Imagine how much time your employees spend every day deleting the many unwanted spam emails from their inboxes, and with more time to focus on the job at hand, productivity will receive a welcome boost. You are able to manage all incoming email traffic and will be informed whenever the filtering system detects – and quarantines – any suspicious looking email, giving you the option on what to do next.

Daily Virus Discovery

Such is the pace of virus creation, that there are new additions to a very long list that come out daily, but with a cloud based solution that is designed to stop any suspicious looking email, your company data will always be protected. It is very much a cat and mouse game between the virus creators and the anti-virus software companies, and with Mailcleaner, you have a system that ticks all the boxes, and with many affordable packages, there will be something just right for your organisation.

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