Does Your Company Enjoy IT Managed Services?

Your Company Enjoy IT Managed Services

Every business today needs to rely on IT. Otherwise, you can find it difficult to operate efficiently. Once you establish rapport with a provider, you will find that taking advantage of third-party IT support offers a number of advantages.

For example, by outsourcing managed IT services, you can better control your IT costs. Outsourcing the work converts any permanent IT expenses into variable costs, thereby increasing your budgeting efficiency. By taking this approach, you only pay for the services you require when you need them.

Reducing Labour Costs

You also reduce the costs of labour when you choose to take advantage of managed IT services. Whether a business is large or small, hiring and training IT experts can prove to be cost-prohibitive. In addition, a temporary staff may not meet your requirements. By outsourcing the work, however, you can better concentrate on your human resource requirements.

When you work with a company like a Link, you will find that any problems or enquires can easily be resolved. This type of business works with various companies on their IT issues. Therefore, they can more easily spot problems and manage them. If your IT employees are in-house staff, they do not have this type of exposure.

If you organisation keeps most of its IT services in-house, it will also pay more in research and development as well as implementation costs. As a result, these costs are passed on to the clients. However, when you work with an outsourced IT provider, they have the know-how and resources to begin a new project without delay.

Make the Most of Your Time and Money

Should you have the same project handled inside your company, it may take several weeks to hire IT experts and provide them with the necessary resources. Therefore, make most of your time and money by outsourcing your IT needs.

By making the decision to outsource your managed IT services, you can also stay focused on your core business activities. You will not be averted from your goals by complicated IT decisions. As a result, you can also reduce your risk. Because technologies are changing all the time, an outsourcing company can handle most of the risk, especially if you have compliance or security issues.

Outsourcing managed IT services levels the playing field, you might say. Whilst these services enable small companies to stay competitive with larger firms, they also provide larger companies with the expertise they need to stay on top of the marketplace. If you are not currently outsourcing your IT work, now is the time to begin doing so.

Your Favourite Rom-Com, And The Best Seat In The House

Your Favourite Rom-Com, And The Best Seat In The House

Switch to Airtel DTH, which offers the best dish TV in India, and enjoy a superb TV viewing experience like never before.

Of the simple delights in life, watching your favourite romantic comedy or TV show takes one of the top slots. A well-made romantic comedy gladdens your heart and lifts your spirit. It makes you believe in true love and soulmates. Most importantly, it puts a smile on your face.

But many factors conspire to ruin the experience for you. That persistently ringing doorbell. Your boss calling you about sitting in on an important conference call. Several pings and chats from friends. And most irritating of all, too many ads to interrupt the film and grainy images.

There is probably no way to deal with the other irritants, but there is certainly a good solution for the poor picture quality and several advertisements blocking the telecast. Just go with the best dish TV in India – Airtel Digital TV. With Airtel Digital TV HD, you will never again complain of hazy, undefined pictures. Plus, you don’t even need to be in the room to watch the film or TV show – just record it and play back at your leisure.

Why opt for Airtel Digital TV?

Apart from superior picture quality and sound, Airtel Digital TV brings you all the shows, news and sporting action you missed earlier in the week. Tagged as the ‘best dish TV in India’, It offers a bevy of free and paid channels that you can pick and choose as per your preferences. Besides, it has various monthly channel packs, and you can also upgrade from your current SD or HD plan to Airtel Digital TV HD quite easily.

It is a hybrid TV model, wherein a satellite dish TV has a built-in Google Chrome cast to source content from websites. It has an HD set top box that connects with the dish antenna and an in-built Internet connection.

The content is then streamed from other devices or cast from their screens. You can stream content from Netflix, Airtel Movies, Google Play Music and YouTube. Airtel Digital TV is great for gaming, and you can use it to pause your current programme if you need to work for a few minutes, or rewind or even record your favourite rom com if you’re not at home to watch it.

Why upgrade to Airtel Digital HD?

There are a number of reasons why Airtel Digital TV offers the best dish TV in India. You can consider an upgrade to Airtel Digital TV and experience the workings of the best dish TV in India through:

  • Three options in upgrade, with different channel options and affordable pricing.
  • Simple option to upgrade from SD to HD set top box.
  • Or simply give a missed call to 81304 81304 to initiate the upgrade process.
  • You can also upgrade by clicking this link to initiate the process.
  • Apart from DTH recharge, you can opt for the Infinity Pack, which gives you a range of HD and SD channels for 1 year at just Rs. 5,801!You also get a one-month subscription of interactive services for free, as well as three months’ free recording facility.

Are you switching over to Airtel Digital TV – do it today!

Cloud Based Anti Spam Solutions for All Businesses

Cloud Based Anti Spam Solutions for All Businesses

Spam is something we have all become accustomed to, yet we no longer have to spend valuable time every morning, deleting unwanted emails from our inboxes, as a cloud based application can create a barrier between your mail server and your inbox, effectively trapping anything that remotely looks like spam. This means that your valuable computing resources are no longer tied up, as the software is installed on the provider’s servers, and any suspicious email will be held in quarantine until you, the user, decide what you want to do with it.

Flexible Packages

If you talk to the UK’s leading developer, who happens to be Mailcleaner, they can offer you a package that suits your business, and whether you have one or one thousand inboxes to protect, this innovative company has all the answers. You can locate them easily with an online search, and within a few minutes, your company data can be protected, and you can rest assured that all incoming emails have been thoroughly screened before being allowed into your employees’ inboxes.

Harmful Viruses

These are typically disguised in spam emails as attachments, and should a user double click on an attachment that is a virus, it will instantly spring into action and infect your hard drive. Some malicious code is designed to permanently delete data, and often, the drive is rendered unusable after such a cyber-attack, or it might be designed to steal confidential client data, which could have disastrous consequences.

Easily Configured

Once you have decided you want total protection for all your email inboxes, the provider will reconfigure your Internet provider’s DNS, and once this has been done, all incoming email will be filtered by the software developer’s servers, thus giving you total protection. This easy to use system protects thousands of businesses around the world and with affordable packages that are tailored to your needs, you won’t be paying for something you never use. The software is installed in a matter of minutes and it will work silently in the background and will not use up your valuable IT resources.

Boost Productivity

Imagine how much time your employees spend every day deleting the many unwanted spam emails from their inboxes, and with more time to focus on the job at hand, productivity will receive a welcome boost. You are able to manage all incoming email traffic and will be informed whenever the filtering system detects – and quarantines – any suspicious looking email, giving you the option on what to do next.

Daily Virus Discovery

Such is the pace of virus creation, that there are new additions to a very long list that come out daily, but with a cloud based solution that is designed to stop any suspicious looking email, your company data will always be protected. It is very much a cat and mouse game between the virus creators and the anti-virus software companies, and with Mailcleaner, you have a system that ticks all the boxes, and with many affordable packages, there will be something just right for your organisation.

Where to Find Flexible Personal Storage Space in Singapore

Where to Find Flexible Personal Storage Space in Singapore

When looking for storage space to rent, you should consider affordability, reliability and quality of customer service. Additionally, you should consider the flexibility of that service. This is precisely where Store It! comes in; the storage service provider offers flexible personal storage space Singapore for all kinds of items you may want to store. They can equally keep these items safe for as long as you want.

They have been in this business for quite a while and have gained a lot of ground over the years. They have proved themselves to be reliable in service provision and top quality customer services. They offer great discounts on the items you want to keep safe. If you are thinking long-term; that is, several months or years of storage, they can give you the first month for free. Also, you can access up to 30% discount on the subsequent months.

Do you want to store sensitive items that require utmost privacy, the service provider also has something that will perfectly meet your needs.

You can get across to Store It!  if you do not have additional space for certain valuable items in your home.  Maybe your safe, garage or store is occupied, and you need a safe and secure place to store that valuable item; then you can get across to Store It! and they will store it for you for as long as you want. Also, the items you store with them are available to you any time you like; you can check the items 24/7 using the unique access tools they give you at the point of opening an account with them.

You may need the flexible personal storage space Singapore services offered by Store It! if you need to space for any of the following purposes:

  • If you need to find a secure and safe home for your memorabilia and collectibles that tell your life story
  • If the school is going on vacation and you need to clear out your room at the hostel
  • If you are being posted on a long-term assignment abroad
  • If you need to make some space available in your home so that you can rent the place out or provide extra space for a visiting parent or a new baby
  • If your kitchen needs to be renovated and the appliances in it need to be stored away while the contractor works in the kitchen.
  • If your new home is not ready yet and you need to move your things out of the old home.


Store It! will always come to your rescue anything such needs described above show up. They are reliable and can be trusted for top quality customer services. You will never regret dealing with them at any time.

Applying For a Small Business Loan – Mistakes to Avoid

Applying For a Small Business Loan - Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t get caught out by the basic errors.

A successful application for a small business loan could give your venture the resources it needs to develop and grow. However, particularly for early stage companies, the applications process is full of potential hazards. If you want to ensure that your application has the very best chance of success then, according to the online broker  there are some key mistakes to avoid.

Not being able to identify why you need the money

If you can’t provide a lender with clarity when it comes to what you’re planning to use the funds for then it’s highly likely that they won’t be that keen to approve the application. You need to be able to show that the money is going to be spent on things that will improve the current financial position of the business. If you’re vague or looking for cash for “general purposes” there’s no real reason for the lender to say yes.

Poor – or non-existent – financial records

Lenders require financial information about your business in order to make a lending decision and if you can’t provide this then your application won’t be successful. Your financial records should be concise, well organised and up to date, providing a clear and transparent insight into where your business is right now and how it got there. Your personal financial records should be equally well-organised, especially if you are planning to apply for a guarantor loan.

No business plan

Your business plan is essentially the road map that you’ve produced to take your enterprise from where it is now to increased success and profitability. If there is no business plan then this won’t provide a lender with confidence that you have a long-term strategy for success. The business plan is also a crucial document for communicating the heart of your venture. You can use it as a tool to demonstrate what the business is about, what kind of market opportunity exists and why your product or service is necessary. All of these will have a part to play in convincing a lender that you’re a viable lending prospect.

The wrong type of loan

Not every loan option is going to be the right choice for your business and choosing the wrong one could be the main reason for a declined application. Find a loan that is suitable for the business and for you as an individual entrepreneur. Make sure you think carefully about the amount of the loan that you apply for and whether the cash flow and assets you have are likely to convince a lender that the repayments will be affordable.

Not sorting out your own credit record

For small businesses – and start-ups – where there is little or no financial history to go on, lenders will often look at the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur to determine borrowing risk. If you’ve never really looked at your own credit report then it might be time to go through and correct mistakes or understand where a lender might take a negative view. It’s also going to be important to ensure that you don’t have too much personal debt, as this could mean a lender sees you and your business as a poor credit risk.

Peer to peer lending is an excellent method of financing

Peer to peer lending is an excellent method of financing

There are lots of methods to obtain finance and one method that is highly popular in the present times is peer to peer lending. It can actually be called as the method of debt financing. In this kind of financing arrangement individuals can lend and borrow money from each other without the involvement of official institutions that normally act like an intermediary between the parties.

Thus, the benefit of peer to peer lending system is that there is no involvement of middlemen in the process.

When is the peer to peer lending method preferred?

Whenever individuals or small businesses need money, they will usually think about going to a bank or financial institution. But the problem is that such institutes will lend the money only if they would be satisfied with the credit history of the client. The rate of interest may also be substantially high.

There are lots of individuals who face problems in getting a loan because of poor credit history and sometimes the reason may be high rate of interest. In this kind of scenario peer to peer lending proves to be the best.

A broader perspective about peer to peer lending

In case of peer to peer lending the borrowers are able to get the loan from those sources that are ready to lend their money at a predetermined rate of interest. There are peer to peer online platforms nowadays, and these platforms act like a gateway for the borrowers as well as lenders. In peer to peer platform the borrowers and investors can decide their own terms and conditions.

A borrower may be able to get full amount of money from a single investor or he may get the funding from more than one investors. Thus, there is a lot of flexibility in this option.  Just like in the case of bank loans, peer to peer platforms also demand a monthly payment towards the principle amount and interest.

If you are an investor then you can earn really good rate of interest through such platform. And if you are a borrower and having specific requirements related to loan for any purpose like education, home improvement, traveling, medical expenses etc. then you can easily get the required sum of money with such medium. So, access the finest peer to peer lending platform for help. 

Peer to Peer lending scenario in India  

There is excellent Peer to Peer Lending Platform in India where the borrowers can connect with the lenders. Such platform is beneficial for both the parties. The first thing is that the lenders can generate the income in form of interest. And the second thing is that the borrowers get an option of easy financing when their loan is not getting approved from the financial institution. 

In India you can get access to trustworthy peer to peer platform without facing any difficulty. But before finalizing any source you must check the credibility. The platform you are choosing should follow a proper criterion for registration, verification, application, transaction and disbursement as well as acceptance of payments. Once you are satisfied with the genuineness aspect then go for the peer to peer lending platform without having any doubt in mind.

How to Use Mezzanine Debt to Invest in Commercial Property

How to Use Mezzanine Debt to Invest in Commercial Property

Mezzanine debt and loans are fast becoming the way to invest in commercial property for investors in Australia. That’s for good reason, too. Mezzanine financing is formulated in a way to mitigate the risk of investment in commercial property by using a mixture of debt and owners’ equity.

Where can Mezzanine Loans and Debt be Used

Mezzanine loans help the lenders advance through the capital stack more than what conventional debt would let them. This means that lenders can use them for refinancing and recapitalization when the amount owed. The more relevant use for investors looking for investment in commercial property is that mezzanine loans give a cushion to offset the amount of equity that they have at stake.

So that means that the investors can use a mix of equity and mezzanine debt to allow them to have some stake in the property without being overburdened by it. It’s helpful when an investor such as you, are trying to build commercial property from the ground up.

How it Works

When an investor opts for a mezzanine loan, they don’t have to go through the trouble of offering up collateral like secured senior debt. Instead they can offer warrants or equity instruments such as a share of ownership in the commercial property that the investor is investing into mitigate the risk of default. This means that there is better value in mezzanine debt that just offering up equity, and one can potentially get more money to invest in the commercial property.

Although it might be considered risky by some, it has greater potential for returns and therefore, is offered as an investment option by companies like 

Typically, a mix of preferred equity and mezzanine debt is used to invest in commercial property. You can think of mezzanine debt as resembling the behaviour of shares. This is because when you are borrowing through a mix of preferred equity and mezzanine debt, you are giving certain rights to the borrower.

If the commercial property you’re investing in is a business (you’re investing for expansion) you don’t have to place any collateral on the line, but you can give out (stock) call options or a share in the business if you default on payments. This is risky for the borrower, but that indicates that the rewards are greater.


The rewards are greater because when you invest in a property as an equity investor (a mix of preferred equity and mezzanine debt), you get to enjoy the income from the commercial property and get better returns on the appreciation of the property itself.

It All Depends on Your Preferences

Whether you decide to get a mezzanine debt or loan as well as equity is entirely dependent on your income preferences. Just remember that it’s all about how much risk you are willing to take on for a mix of steady passive income or increased capital gains.

A secured senior loan may be less expensive than a mezzanine debt but the payoffs for mezzanine are greater when you invest in commercial property.

7 Essentials Bitcoin Knowledge

7 Essentials Bitcoin Knowledge

Most important information about Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin?

It is the most liquid transaction that government really hates it because it can’t be taxed. No bank, administrator, book, or any printed transaction. This black hole bring a new era of financial transaction for faster and more efficient process for bitcoin miner (btc miner).

What does it mean by mining?

Bitcoin generated through mining process. This mining creates a complex computational process to make a new Bitcoin.  Current mining for a block has reward in a value of 12.5 Bitcoin which is later on form a block chain.

What is Bitcoin generator?

There are two ways to generate Bitcoin, through hardware and software. Each ways has its own cost level involved. Btc miner usually utilize a mining software is cheaper and sometimes could be downloaded freely through internet connection. Meanwhile mining hardware is quite more expensive, because you have to spend some money to buy extra card to enhance your video processor capability.

For a constant low result, you can choose mining software. Without much more effort to understand about the mining hardware construction, you can easily follow the step one by one and observe how does each process earn more value.

How to store Bitcoin?

After you earn more through mining process, you have to store it somewhere. Yes, for Bitcoin, you could not store it in Bank, since Bank is not involved in the transaction. Specific storage for Bitcoin called Cryptocurrency wallet. You will need a Private Key to sign every single transaction in the wallet.  Various wallet available such as online/offline, desktop/mobile, hardware or paper wallet. You can choose your preference wallet as per your transaction requirement.

Is there any application for Bitcoin transaction?

The answer is yes, applications available in desktop, mobile, and website version. In desktop application, you have to ensure you keep all information secure, backup regularly, and control your wallet intensively. Mobile application is easier, where it could enable you to have transaction through QR code or tap NFC process. Web application is more flexible, it is accessible through smartphone or computer browser.

Where can I use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transaction can be done all over the world. For example in India, Zebpay is the most famous platform. Other exchange platforms available are Unocoin, Vir Wox, Changelly, etc. In Phillipine, you can use Coins and Rebit. It has an efficient and user friendly interface. Another example is in Singapore, where you could go to ATM to exchange your money into Bitcoin value. Changelly and Virwox can also be used here as well as in India.

What are the things to consider?

There are 3 major important things, first is irreversibility, where reverse transaction is not possible.  Second is fast and global, means that it could not be sent to anywhere in the world since it’s involve instant network transaction. Last one is security, it’s locked in cryptography system where security matter the most.

Qualities of the Small Business Accountants That You Must Consider

Qualities of the Small Business Accountants That You Must Consider

Hiring small business accountants or accounting firms for small businesses is undeniably one of the most shining milestones in any business venture. This means that your business has grown to a substantial size that the financial functions of your company need some expert attention and this is another step towards some new growths in the business. But, in case you are a small business owner, then selecting the wrong accountants can be one of the most costly mistakes that you ever make. So, here are some qualities that you should check while hiring the small business accountants to bring a completely new level of financial perspective.

  1. Expertise in your specific business niche: As you won’t employ the services of any professional marketing manager, who has expertise in some different business niche than yours, the same rule will be applicable with an accountant. Each business has some own financial concerns. This is why even the most qualified accountants should possess the knowledge that is associated with your specific business.
  2. Have room for the demands of your business: Whether you are in search of somebody, who can assist you in filing taxes as well as offering advice or you need somebody, who can deal with client accounts and provide strategic financial guidance, you would get the right accountant for that purpose. So, the accountant you select should have the necessary experience and skills to deal with the complexity of the business. It means that before choosing any specific accountant, you must know what that person is capable of handling. Besides, it is also important to learn what the accountant has handled for its earlier clients.
  3. Extended certification in the field of business and accounting: It is quite easy to go and hire an accountant or any accounting company. But as a new business, you should have a professional, who is well equipped with the added skill sets to deal with a growing company. These professionals don’t only have the capability to advice and monitor the finances of a business, but they are also capable of managing and instructing the performance of the company.


In conclusion, it can be said that learning what to look for in the accountant as the small business owner would be a really big leap in the proper direction towards flourishing financial future. You can communicate with a professional accounting company to get more information about the qualities that a good accountant should have.

Personalised Uniforms are an Effective Way of Creating a Team Culture

Personalised Uniforms are an Effective Way of Creating a Team Culture

A great team culture is essential for productivity and growth. But how do you create, and more importantly, how do you hold onto one? There are so many ways of doing this, but from our experience, we can tell you that one of the best ways to do so is to establish a company uniform. Doing this will not only pave way for a great team culture, but also serve as an effective marketing tool. So in essence, one small step takes you towards two important goals.

Importance of Company Culture

The importance of your company’s culture just cannot be emphasised enough. Culture drives productivity levels higher and increases customer satisfaction. Sounds good? Unfortunately, most of the companies out there find it difficult to create a thriving culture. How can this be done? Build an encouraging and motivating team environment in which all your employees are connected to your brand. They must be aware of your company’s vision, and they must also know how they are contributing to the overall picture.

Branded uniforms are a good way to achieve this. A study suggested that uniforms affect the attitude employees have towards their job and encourages them to deliver better performance. All this leads to a positive and supportive work environment, which in turn builds up company culture.

Productivity levels

Those of you who have ever worn a uniform would already how good it feels wearing one. It has immense psychological effects and makes your employees feel that they are part of the company. Thus, uniforms change their attitude and perception towards your brand, and in turn, your employees become more eager to help you achieve your business goals.


Branding is essential if you want your business to grow. Uniforms can allow you to establish your identity, increase awareness and contribute to building your brand.

And keep in mind that uniforms are an economical marketing tool, which makes them more preferable.


Uniforms can help you meet the extensive set of health and safety regulations and standards that exist in some of the industries such as manufacturing and construction. In fact, several times, uniforms are mandatory and must be worn by all employees when on premises.

So how do you select the best uniform for your business?

Uniforms create the best team cultures when they have been strategically designed suggests Custom Gear Australia. They should obviously sport your company’s logo and colours, but they should also be comfortable to wear and make your employees feel proud.

Bright shades may initially seem exciting, but they might make your employee uncomfortable, especially when talking to clients or guests.  If you are designing uniforms for the first time, then it may be good to take some input from your team and staff members. After all, they are the ones who’d be wearing them. Generally, the three most important factors to consider are colour, material and fit.

So how much do uniforms contribute to team culture in your opinion?